i hate spotify ads because i listen to playlists in the shower a lot and there is nothing more startling than being completely naked and suddenly hearing lebron james say “i’ll tell you what makes me thirsty”

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Pros of being gay: both you and your wife would get into the lifeboats on the titanic.

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band of horses // no one’s gonna love you

We’re reeling through an endless fall

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

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Maya Rudolph’s NBC variety show will premiere May 19th | EW

The network will air her variety show special, titled The Maya Rudolph Show, on May 19 at 10 p.m. EW has learned that the Saturday Night Live vet — who recently starred in another Peacock comedy series, Up All Night — will be joined by Kristen Bell, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Craig Robinson, Sean Hayes, and Chris Parnell.

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when you need to cough in an exam but you’ve already coughed like twice so you just sit there suffocating

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